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How Xhorse VVDI RKE BOX Program Remote Key for KIA K3  

Xhorse VVDI RKE BOX is successfully tested ok to program remote key on Kia K3. Working together with VVDI2 and mini remote programmer, Xhorse VVDI RKE BOX is able to change the original straight key to folding key. How they work? Please go on reading following parts.

Two optional remote key for this test:
  1. Xhorse VVDI RKE BOX 6V/9V/12V

  1. Xhorse VVDI RKE BOX 3V

Xhorse VVDI RKE BOX’s Application
  1. To change the original straight key to folding key.
  2. Temporarily to add a new remote control or replace original remote control
  3. Only one remote for the original car (such as the Chinese, Besturn, etc.)
  4. To seek low-cost remote control instead of the expensive original one
Note: at least one original remote control for use of the kit
The Original Straight Car Key: (with ID70 Electronic Chip )

Connecting Diagram: How Xhorse VVDI RKE BOX connect with VVDI2 and mini remote programmer
Xhorse VVDI RKE BOX Matching Steps:
  1. Press SET button on the Host box (in the internal hole at the side of unit), then the buzzer beep twice, to go into the matching state
  2. Press any button on the new remote for a while until the buzzer beep continuously. Key matching is completed.
  3. Repeat the previous two steps to add another new key.

  1. Buzzer
  2. Key to be added
  3. SET button
Xhorse VVDI RKE BOX Program New Remote Key by OBD

There are several points as follows can be proved after test:
  1. VVDI RKE BOX can program remote key correctly without any functional error.
  2. The remote control distance can be as long as100 meters.
  3. Comparing with the original straight key, Xhorse VVDI RKE BOX makes user more satisfied by better handfeel.

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