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Xprog-M Read Mercedes EZS Motorola 912 or 9s12 EEPROM

Here is the detail instruction on reading Mercedes-Benz EZS Motorola 912 or 9s12 CPU EEPROM in-circuit with X-prog M ECU programming tool (xprog V5.0, V5.3, V5.50, V5.55).

Note: you can also use other programmers, like Rosfar, ETL etc.

To read Mercedes EZS 912 CPU EEPROM

Mercedes-Benz EZS Motorola 912 or 9s12 CPU

Almost all control points joined with service connector of EZS – black painted connector. We offer connection cable for EZS reading with X-Prog programmer:

You can make yourself cable for connection with other programmers.

Use the following wiring connection diagram:


2 – GND


4 – BKGD

The EXTAL signal doesn’t joint to service connector, so we have to make jump according to CPU type. If you see on board

It means you have 912 CPU. Do make a jump like in picture (you can keep this jump even after reading/writing finishing).

Find resistor on RESET line and make a jump on it for good communication. (you can keep this jump even after reading/writing finishing).

Then solder red wire of our cable for power supplying.

Now plug in the connector to Xprog-M ECU programmer board like in picture:

We recommend to mount the part of cover on to the EZS, then you have not a mistake while you connect cable to EZS.

Open Xprog software and press “Device” tab.

Choose the EEPROM Type, 1,2,3 in following

Press “New” button, then press “Read” button to read eeprom

Reading device

You will see the eeprom data

Save EEPROM file you have read

To read Mercedes EZS 9S12 CPU EEPROM

If you see on the board

It means you have 9S12 CPU. Do make only one jump like in picture

Then solder red wire of our cable for power supplying.

Then do the same job like with previous CPU type but remember about a difference when you choose microchip in Xprog programmer software.

Sometimes new board types with 9S12 CPU have not some jumps (it has zero resistance as usual). Make the- se jumps yourself.

You can keep these jumps after reading/writing, too.


Xhorse VVDI Pro and VVDI2 program Porsche key

2015 Original VVDI2 adds Porsche software function. Here is the step-by-step instruction on programming Porsche key with original Xhorse VVDI2 and VVDI Pro programmer.

Step 1: Read Porsche BCM 2M25J EEPROM with VVDI Prog

This is a Porsche 2M25J BCM
Connect BCM with VVDI Pro
Open VVDI Pro programmer software
Select 4:Immo->Porsche-BCM-2M25J
Click “Connection diagram
Follow wiring diagram given to connect the BCM with VVDI pro connectors
Close the wiring diagram
Click “New” tab
Hit “Read” to read data
Device initializing
The VVDI pro will prompt the chip is encrypted, you need to decrypt
Click “Remove encrypt” tab
Decrypting chip in progress
Decryption is completed (result will shown on the bottom)
Again click “Read” to read data, wait the procedure process to 100%
Save data (to desktop)

Step 2: Generate Porsche Dealer key with VVDI2

Open VVDI2 software
Select “Key programmer
Select “Data Processing Device” on the left
Select car Region: Europe-> Vehicle model: Porsche-> BCM type: 2M25J
Click “Load EEPROM” button on right
Load the saved EEPROM data by VVDI Pro
If the system prompt if erase key data, click Yes
Select erase key position “Key 2”, press Next, This will generate a new data file
Save the new data file to desktop
Again click “Load EEPROM” to load the new eeprom file just saved
Click “NO”
Key ID remain key 1
Select “Key 2”, select “Generate Dealer Key
Click Yes if generate dealer key is done
Again save the data to desktop
Porsche dealer key has been programmed.

VVDI PROG 3.40 Programmer for BMW CAS4+ All Key Lost(Review)

Pleased to share my purchase experience of VVDI PROG Auto Key Programmer. Just got this programmer for a few days from China.(I am Chinese, also)
Package came to London for about 6 days, for €385.
vvdi pro-2 vvdi pro-3 vvdi pro-4 vvdi pro-5 vvdi pro-6 vvdi pro-7
Ps. VVDI PROG 3.40 free download I found:
(software, driver, IMG&Language files...)
And I used this vvdi prog and vvdi2 to do BMW all key lost. Here is the procedure. This vvdi2 is from my friend, sounds from China also.
Step 1: Read CAS4+ 5M48H EEPROM with VVDI PRO
Disassemble the CAS4+ and ECU.
First, read CAS4+ EEPROM data.
Take out the circuit board from CAS4+.
Follow VVDI Pro wiring diagram to connect the cables with circuit board.
Remove 4 components on CAS4 (solder them when finish operation ) and begin wiring connectors
The circuit board after removing 4 components.
Start wiring connection according the wiring diagram..
Then begin to read and write.
Select “BMW CAS4-5M48H” EEPROM
Click “New” and then click “Read”.
Now the equipment is being initialized.
Check the chip type.
Select “Yes” to crack chip.
Cracking the chip...
OK, finish cracking.
Start reading the data.
Finish reading data.
Name the file.
And click “Save”.
Step 2: Read BMW ECU
Disassemble the ECU. Punch a hole here for wire connection.
Follow VVDI 2 wiring diagram to connect the cables with ECU.
Point the boot. Point contact and press it for a while.
Go to the software and select EEPROM.
Click “New”.
Click “Read”.
Well, begin checking this equipment. Device initializing.
Crack the chip.
Click “Yes” to continue.
Finish reading data. ISN is also displayed.
Save data.
Name the new file.
And click “Save”.
Finish data reading.
Step 3: Write key with VVDI 2
Begin to write the key.
(All the data have been read out, so we can begin writing the key.)
Insert the key in VVDI2.
Open VVDI2 software, Quick Start.
Select BMW.
Select “File Make Key”.
Select “5M48H”.
Click “OK”.
Load the data, select the folder “000000000”.
First load BMW CAS4+ data. Click to open.
Select “Key3” and click “Generate Dealer Key”
Click “I have the engine data, click Next to load it”, and click “Next”.
Load the ECU data, “baoma 525ecu.bin”, and click “Open”.
You will prompt that it will take 30 seconds. Click “OK”.
It is generating a key. Wait! Write key success.
Step 4: Test new key
OK, finish writing the key. And now, we go to check it. (click “OK”)
Check if the key can work normally.
Put the key on BMW test platform.
Pay attention to the green light (LED 3).
The green light is lighted, which means the key can work normally.
Then take the key down.
You will see the green light will be off.
Again put the key on BMW test platform.
Key matching is successful.


How to update VVDI Pro programmer software & firmware?

Xhorse VVDI Pro Programmer has newly updated software to latest V3.4.0 with firmware 1.2.2. (10/09/2015).

Language: English/Chinese

Free download VVDI Prog V3.4.0 software

Xhorse VVDI PRO 3.4.0 Firmware 1.2.2 new feature:

* This version DON'T need update firmware
+ Add Porsche BCM (1L15Y/2M25J/5M48H) options
+ Add MC9S12XEQ512,MC9S12XET512 options in <2-MCU>-->Motorola
* Fix some display BUGs in English Version
* Change the name of upgrade button as "Start Firmware Upgrade"
* Change the Voltage name as "VCC","VPP"

How to update VVDI Pro programmer software & firmware?

Open VVDI Pro software
Click “Upgrade” tab

Then come to VVDIProg Update menu. You are able to check software version (Tip Information) and firmware version (Device Information).

(NOTE: Newest VVDI Pro V3.4.0 does not need to update firmware)