VVDI MB Key Tool


Need Tokens for VVDI MB BGA Key Tool?

VVDI MB TOOL is the first Tool in the world that can calculate PASSWORD from Mercedes Benz BGA keys and Calculate Password For EZS by IR with ALL KEY LOST

Now support all key lost: w204, w207,W166, W246, W212, W212(old),some W216, W164 2009- future will add more

While some people may misunderstand VVDI MB Tool will charge tokens for each key calculation every time. In fact, it is not truth.

Tokens need only for BGA Keys or for car with Lost keys...
For BGA keys, it will charge one token, while for Lost keys, Two tokens.

BUT, if the car has V51 or V57 Key, and can be opened, simply remove Nec, place on the Nec chair, read password from Key then carry our key calculation.
All this will be free....

If you need tokens, you can check

VVDI2 MB Tool Benz BGA Password Calculation Token(33.99EUR)

If you need more, you can buy 5 tokens together to save money

It is very easy and fast to add the tokens to your VVDI Benz Tool, after your payment, you just need provide the serial number of your VVDI Benz tool, then we will add the tokens to your VVDI MB Tool

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